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Video: (Updated) My Solta-Zeltiq Merger Thesis (Public Free Video)

Hi guys, Scott here with ya! Because so many people are asking me about $SLTM and what I believe is going on with them, I have made a public video for you to listen to my thesis regarding this matter. My thesis revolves around what I believe will be a Solta-Zeltiq (SLTM-ZLTQ) merger. I was hesistant at first to release to others besides my premium subscribers, but since I have written public articles, and so no one misunderstands my views, here is my total thesis on what I believe will happen. Enjoy!

Additional info: I misspoke a couple of times.

1. the penalty for Solta paying off loan early is 5% of $40M, which is roughly $2.2M, so $42M cost.

2. Share swap - either 1 to 4.7 to 1 to 5.3. 1 share of ZLTQ for every 4.7 to 5.3 shares of Solta. Sorry for the misspeak.

3. When I say "open bid process," I mean "broad bid" which is where investment bank solicits as many suitors as possible. In this case, I believe Solta Board wants a merger with Zeltiq and vice-a-versa. Q2 earnings 10q exhibits 10.2 to 10.4 demonstrate "golden parachutes." Additionally, the new high interest bank loan, when combined with the mentioned parachutes, indicate a defense (shark repellant) against a hostile bid. Hiring an investment banker/financial adviser, (Piper Jaffray) then having a board entrenched againstĀ  any change of control not only makes no sense, but is highly illegal and subject to legal penalties under a severe breach of fiduciary duties. Therefore, I see the actions engaged by Solta as indicative of a targeted merger which has been agreed upon in principle for some time, needing an investment banker to make the deal work specifically, and to ward off "unwanted/unsolicited/hostile bids." The Parachutes and High interest loan appear to me to be at the advice of Piper Jaffray for the above mentioned reasons.


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