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This is going to be an open post, so membership not required for this one, but will be moving forward. Membership is free and currently gives access everything we are into from here on out - you can join for free at THIS LINK (must have valid email address or site will auto delete). Additionally, we are live on audio and chat every market trading day at THIS LINK. There are many trade ideas that are shared in this trading room that aren't emailed out. This chat and audio (if you so choose) can be accessed by all devices, including all mobile devices.

In this chart review, I cover the charts I have positions in a long with fundamental commentary on $CALA + how to trade these dev biotech plays and understanding how many of these stocks are 'hustles;' that most of these stocks will FAIL in the long term.

$JNCE - targeting $10.50 $11.50, possibly higher based on catalyst in early Feb. Most run up trades run up in waves, I think this wave hits the level above. Stop should be low $8's IMO.

$SYBX - targeting $2.75 to $3 - lots of warrants here + stock choppers. This is a former reverse merged shell, so be mindful of this. Stop around $2 range.

$TORC - CEO and management have a solid history of 'stock promotion,' (aka PUMPING), targeting $1.70 to $2. Stop around $1.20

$TRIL - Warrant holders appear to be striking their 96 cent warrant. I explain why this one could be a huge gainer, but also explain the risks involved with shooting for that to happen. TRIL has a shot to be something, but the pathway to being a gargantuan gainer is a narrow one, so please consider that. I explain how I have been trading this, and why in great detail.

$CALA - lots of commentary here on why we think a partnership is imminent. Targeting a potential move between $10 and $12 - possible good opportunity to derisk if you are a long term believer in the company as we are. I explain in detail why we like this one so much, why we think a partner is imminent, and why management is top-notch.

$RVNC - spec acquisition/buyout option play - 10 call contracts of the July $20 strike.

On watch - $ADAP

A lot more in this approx. 40 minute long video including other ticker commentary, enjoy and sign up for free and become a member, and come join us in our trading chat room every market trading day!


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