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Public Video: Market Overview – Why I’m Vested in Identiv + More

My views on $INVE, why I made an investment there plus explanation of valuation, market trends, trading verses investing, why I wear my hair long + more, enjoy the video!


2 thoughts on “Public Video: Market Overview – Why I’m Vested in Identiv + More
  • carroll richard says:

    Just watched your video,relax on the hair,not an issue,trust and brains are issues…you seem to have them both.I like how you differentiated between a trader and an investor and i so agree.I’ve held acad for two years when everyone said sell.
    I also appreciate your frankness on our government,how the House is a bunch of idiots as well as the White House not doing its job.Refreshing hearing a market person say Republicans just as stupid as Democrats…both are to blame…vote them out!
    As for,INVE,I can only afford 5k shares now,but if rxii pops ,I’ll get some more.
    I actually like you more with t-shirt/hair than your suit/tie at ST…LOL…carroll richard

  • Stephen Clark says:

    Dude, my hair was longer than yours 5 years ago. And I’m a “professional”. I’ve had my head shaved and had my hair to my shoulder blades all in the span of 15 years.

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