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Original Identiv Lawsuit Brought By Former Secretary PDF + Information On New Potential Lawsuit

Original Identiv Lawsuit Brought By Former Secretary PDF can be downloaded from here >>> Ruggiero v Identiv complaint-1

I just read this for the first time recently. I knew the general jist of it, but not all the specifics of the complaint. Ask yourselves why a scumbag like Jason Hart is still  on the board at Identiv?

Hope is a good thing, but not with this. If you have suffered losses and/or are holding a losing position in $INVE, contact

Call 1 619 230 0063, ask For Jim Baker and tell him you are calling about Identiv.

I spoke with Jim a couple of times and gave him the proper info -- where to look, what to look for in order to get the potential evidence to show that the Identiv board was complicit and possibly directly involved with Hart's poor behavior as CEO.

Note and disclaimer: I can't be involved with the lawsuit as a plaintiff because although I lost out on 250k of profit, I actually did not lose money in the stock = no net losses, just again losing out on huge gains. I am not associated business wise with Jim Baker or his law firm, nor am I receiving, and will not receive any compensation in any form and in any way from the potential lawsuit. I have never shorted a single share or bought puts of Identiv at any time and in any stock account I own or control, nor will I short shares or buy puts. I am doing this on my own fruition and was not asked by Jim Baker or any of his associates to help out. I have freely volunteered my time and information to Jim Baker that I feel could be potentially useful to any potential lawsuit.

I want to help people get whatever money they can get back.

It's my understanding the potential lawsuit to be brought here will be against the board of directors as a collective. The board collectively are worth a lot of money from what I can ascertain publically.

It's my opinion that it's past the point of hoping for a turn around after the 8k the other day which clearly in my opinion shows the accountant refused to certify Identiv's books -- I believe this means The Identiv BOD are trying to hide something and this accountant likely wanted no part of anything potentially illegal.


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