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Biotech and StockMarket Podcast May 31 2016

Biotech and StockMarket Podcast May 31 2016... $IONS $RLYP Gold, Oil + Macros

$IONs discussed here on why we took call options. Danny explains the situation there and why it's not as bad as the market is thinking.

We also talk about $RLYP and give our opinion on the company and why we have a $26 to $32 buyout target on it.

We also discuss market macros and commodity trades, why Gold is setting up to be a good short.. $GDXJ ETF is a good short consideration as you get a bit more leverage on that.

We also think Oil will be trending higher towards $55.

Our next podcast will be a re-do of the immunotherapy webinar focusing on $AFMD and why we like the risk/reward there.

Enjoy and give us some feedback, pros and cons so we can better develop this podcast. Subs get first access to this, then released to general public.


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