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Immunotherapy Explained Part 3 – In Relation To Affimed

Immunotherapy Explained Part 2 - In Relation To Affimed.

In part 3 here we explain and expand in the science of Immunotherapy and explain in part how $AFMD is differentiated, explain the $MRK Keytruda/AFM 13 trial plus a lot more. At times, we deviate from the slides to discuss the business and investment aspects of this space and further discuss how and why the market generally misunderstands new tech, over speculates some, while under speculating others: How investors (hot money) has been burned before being but one reason for companies like Affimed, Fate, and other being under speculated.

In conjunction with our view on the Keytruda/AFM 13 combo, please refer to this video interview with Ken Frazier, chairman and chief executive officer at Merck here. Please note the 2:30 mark where Frazier mentions Hodgkin's Lymphoma (HL).

We also explain why all the PD1 combos are not just a 'me too' approach and why people such as Adam Feuerstein are failing to understand this space because they are caught in 'old school' thinking - we get very specific in this regard for awhile which deviates off the slide, so please bare with that part because it's very important to understand.

Additionally, we discuss the political pros and cons and how it applies to oncology in a positive way (and others in a negative way). Also, we talk about how the FDA is beginning to understand and better define the regulatory pathways for new tech, especially for rare diseases and cancer.

Our goal is to educate on this tech so you have a better understanding what is going on in the immunotherapy space and for a beginning point to start due diligence.

Our view on $AFMD is not one of hyped hot money nor one that is short term - it's a long term view over the next 5 to 10 years. We hope you get a better understanding of the space in whole to cut through the pumps and bashes to get a much more clear understanding because there is going to be TONS OF PUMPS AND BASHES, especially when we eventually get to more QE and negative interest rates. The pump and dumps are great for trading, but don't be the retail 'investor' who does not differentiate between a legitimate speculation investment built on research verses a pure pump and hype play.

You will find in most cases from a historical perspective, that the most promising speculative companies that eventually see success are normally the most under speculated companies, especially these days as the so-called 'biotech bubble' had 'popped.'

We feel the current biotech sector presents a unique opportunity for a great risk/reward investment for those out there who have a more speculative risk appetite in terms of clinical stage biotechs as well as established mid to large cap biotechs that are currently selling for a decent discount, such as $MRK for example.

In the next video, we will go more into why we think Keytruda/AFM 13 combo has already shown a strong signal in addition to other various factors why we are high on $AFMD. Additionally, we will be taking a harder look at companies such as $FATE for example.

Video is over 1 hour here, so it might be advisable to view and listen to it incrementally.


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