Updated: Immunotherapy-Oncology Webinar – Monday May 23rd @ 1 PM EST.

What is immunotherapy?

Danny Cohen and myself will be doing a live webinar on Monday May 23rd at 1 pm EST, 10 am Western time. The webinar will be recorded and uploaded to this site afterwards.

Topics explained and included will be:

Differentiation within the technology; how the future of cancer treatment will be based on technology synergy.

The technical terms explained such as;

1. Immune Cells explained, how they recognize their targets, and their known function

2. How a tumor develops, from immune elimination of the tumor, to equilibrium to uncontained growth. As well as the main hematologic cancers as they are the main focus.

3. Building on prior, how tumor heterogeneity leads to a very rapid natural selection process. And mechanisms that tumors use to evade immune response.

4. Briefly introduce checkpoint inhibition (CTLA-4, PD-1, TIM-3, etc)

5. Discuss other therapeutic angles... cell based (TIL, CAR, TCR)... biologics (mAbs, ADCs, BsAbs such as Darts, BiTes, TandAbs)

6. The CD16a receptor on NK cells and how it can overcome a largely immunosurpressive enviroment to set off the cascade.

7. Introduce AFM-13 and expand on its specific tumor target of CD30.

8. Lessons learned from Adcetris in the use of CD30 as a therapeutic target.

9. Discuss checkpoint inhibs again and their synergies with this strategy, as well as why this is a meaningful approach to layer the therapies.

10. Clinical strategy moving forward for the development, discuss why it has changed, with in the context of PD-1. and path for approval

11. Introduce the T-cell enegagers, and what Blincyto has taught us as well as path forward for that angle of therapy.

12. CD-19 as a target

13. EGFRwt based therapies, take aways from Cetuximab, and potential pitfalls as a target. + AFM24

14. EGFRvIII as a highly common mutated EGFR protein and its use as an unmet need target + AFM21/22

Antigens, Macrophages, TanAbs, Bispecifics, Checkpoint inhibitors. CD16A and B, CD30 + more - protein expressions, in-vivo, ex-vivo,

CAR-T, TCAR, NK, T-CELL Engagers, benefits and risks of them defined.

Trial designs in mono and combination will be explained -- what various companies are shooting for + a lot more and we will take your questions interactive.

You can log on live to the webinar at http://stockmatusow.com/stockchat .. on that page, there will be a pop-up that takes you to the chat logon page. You have the option to logon as a guest or with your twitter account. if you are subscriber to the site, please be logged into to your stockmatusow account which will automatically use your site handle.

We hope to see you there as there are various companies right now selling for peanuts which have a great chance at being 1000% gainers and higher in the next 5 to 10 years. In times past, the rate of cancer trial failures have been as high as 90%. Immune therapy trials and their designs, notwithstanding the technology should see the failure rate drastically reduced, provided companies have done strong due diligence. We will talk about this as well.


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