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I bought Antares @ $3.95, I see a move to $4.35 short term


I bought Antares @ $3.95, I see a move to $4.35 short term. I think from tomorrow to beginning of next week, we see the move.


From above, we can clearly see a tightening wedge forming in the chart. I have watched Antares trade for about 2 years now, and the stock normally will trade in a super tight range -- 1 to 3 pennies for one day, before usually busting higher. Accumulation is good, money flow, and RSI all show a continuation pattern, which is similar to a cup and handle in some ways, but usually takes a bit longer to break out. I see a move to its last high of around $4.35. Afterwards, will have to re-evaluate where it goes from there.











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