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Audio Commentary – Specific Reason $CRIS Abstract Not Accepted+$CALA Partnering

So much to cover here, but the audio of about 25 minutes does a good job covering $CRIS and $CALA with $NXTC being an example on how traders can really rise a price and crash it at the same time.

$CRIS - We now know withing a 95 percentile why their 4948 abstract was not accepted at ASH for any official presentation - company clearly violated ASH embargo rules by presenting PK/PD and safety data on 4949 at SOHO in the 2nd week of September this year at a conference with more than 1000 people attending before any poster, oral, or plenary.

Danny and I have a hypothesis why the company took this risk, and there is some sense to it. On the audio here, we offer our speculative hypothesis.

Here is the link to the current published Data (that violated ASH embargo) concerning 4948 in NHL

$CALA - clearly said on earnings call today that they are in  co-dev partnering talks on CB 708, the company's CD-73 Inhibitor. We have been speculating on this for a while now and got stronger on our spec as BVF has been loading up shares - BVF is a partner arbitrage player, so this is an undated upcoming stock price catalyst. We have no doubt they will get a deal done here, but the question is, WHEN?

We think early next year, but could be any time from now to mid next year.

More in the audio which is again, around 25 minutes.


P.S. This is the last non stockmatusow member audio/text we will release to everyone. If you want our insight on these and others, you can join for free access to these and more HERE.

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