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Audio Commentary – A lot more on $CRIS & Why $NXTC is a Dog

Last night, I spent many hours going over the last 3 calls from $CRIS to try to figure out what is going on there. Danny and I have come to the conclusion that their 4948 Irak 4 for NHL was not accepted because the data was incomplete - 3 at 100 was completed compilation, while 3 patients at 200 was half way thru. If the company made a mistake it would have been not just submitting the single 100 meg 3 patient data in which we think there was one PR.

However, that complete cycle is just 3 patients, and that may not have been enough data to warrant at least an ASH poster. CRIS has had negative sentiment for years now, and perhaps this was not a good decision from the company to try to ASH with this data because of perception, OR. it actually was a smart move, because they get published in ASH's Blood Journal after Nov. 21st. We will  continue to try to get answers from the company on these, this week. We do think the current CEO is an honest person (as honest as one can be in this biz) as he downplayed VISTA rather hard on his Oct. 3rd call. We do think 4948 will be a winner given time, but may not be a good run up trade currently. We do think more savy investor types will take this stock back up to around the $2 level before ASH.  We also think company's plan is to go-it-alone on MYC, and partner out 4948 with $ABBV

$NXTC - stock went on an epic nutto run, from around $25 to $109 a share based on absurd over speculation without a validation - traders went by a very manipulative headline whereas the reality is that the RECIST criteria for a target lesion of 10 MM was not met. At best here, we have 2 out of 49 that responded, and one of those responses in reality IS NOT A RESPONSE, so we are looking at one TRUE responder out of 49 = nothing to see here at this time, so we expect that stock to get demolished come Monday's session.


There is a lot more in this 27 minute audio, and we think it's important to give it a good listen for those who hold $CRIS, who are thinking of adding more, etc, etc.


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